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Hosting Made Easy

As a host, you can easily create your accommodation and have full control over the booking process, pricing and availability of the listed rooms at any time. We provide long-term guests from 1 month and ensure a significant increase in occupancy and a constant turnover.
Why myroom24?
Take advantage of myroom24's unique technology to rent out your underutilized rooms during low-booking months to long-term guests! Whether it's for businesses or individual users staying for at least 28 nights, we help you fill your rooms, achieve a basic occupancy, and increase your revenue. Register your accommodation with myroom24 today and maximize your potential!
Hosting Made Easy
As a host, you can easily create listings and maintain full control over the booking process, pricing, and room availability at any time. We take care of your guests and ensure a smooth operation. Make your accommodation visible to long-term travelers and benefit from our platform.
24/7 Premium Support
Registration is free, and fees are only charged for successful bookings. We place a strong emphasis on a close partnership and understand that effective communication is the key to a successful collaboration. Let us help you take your accommodation to success.

How to become a myroom24 Host

1. List Your Accommodation
Create a listing and set prices and availability. After providing us with all the necessary information, we will review and verify your listing. You can manage, edit, and duplicate your listings individually and easily through your host dashboard. myroom24 partners can promote each listing for an additional fee.
2. Welcome Your Guests
Guests can either instantly book your listing or send a booking request. Guests pay for their accommodation directly in advance. You can easily manage your bookings and booking requests. Communicating with your guests through our platform is seamless and straightforward. With myroom24, you can efficiently manage and increase the occupancy of your accommodation.
3. Easy Payment
Our payout process is fully automated. After successful bookings, we transfer your money, minus the commission, directly to your preferred payment account. You can monitor your payouts at any time through your host dashboard.
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Long-term stays with myroom24

Success Stories

Individual hotel Munich

366 Rooms

  • 70 long stay guests per month via myroom24
  • Average stay 3.2 months
  • Total turnover long stay €1,000,000
Chain hotel Hamburg

316 Rooms

  • 50 long stay guests per month via myroom24
  • Average stay 2.5 months
  • Total turnover long stay €800,000