You Don't Have to Be a Star: 5 Reasons to Choose a Hotel as Your New Home

by Elizabeth
You Don't Have to Be a Star: 5 Reasons to Choose a Hotel as Your New Home

​ Living where others vacation - a different perspective. While a hotel stay has the allure of adventure and freedom during holidays, what about living in a hotel for half a year or longer? Can you really make a hotel your permanent residence? And isn't it too expensive? Let's explore the topic of hotel rooms for long-term residents together today, and I will give you five very good reasons why long-term hotel living could be worthwhile for you. ​

Reason 1: Living Temporarily Is Trending

Having room service and the concierge on speed dial sounds enticing, doesn't it? What was once reserved for stars and perhaps only Udo Lindenberg in Germany is becoming more of a trend. The hotel room is no longer considered only for a short vacation but also as a long-term housing option. Why this trend? Well, our lifestyles are changing. More and more people need to be flexible in their careers, whether it's because they need to move for projects or because the housing market has become tough. Furnished apartments are not for everyone, and for this reason, more long-term renters are turning to hotels. Job nomads are on the rise, and others have the opportunity to work from home and can use this flexibility to seamlessly blend work and travel. Another aspect to consider is the option to use a hotel room as a flatmate alternative. Yes, you heard that right, hotel rooms as flatmates! The hotel lifestyle has now become a real trend. ​

Reason 2: Comfort - But What's It Like Living in a Hotel?

Comfort and the services offered vary depending on the hotel and its facilities. In luxury hotels, such as a 5-star hotel, comprehensive concierge services are on the agenda. Here, you can rely on practically every wish being fulfilled. In a 3-star hotel, things will be somewhat simpler but still very comfortable. What hotels generally offer are typical amenities such as room cleaning, air conditioning, a breakfast buffet, and much more. But beyond that, there are other advantages. A hotel often offers more social activities than an apartment. Feel like an evening at the hotel bar or the hotel's restaurant? As a guest, you often only need to change floors. This social integration is an additional plus that makes life in the hotel very enjoyable. ​

Reason 3: Flexibility

The concept of long-term hotel living combines the advantages of older concepts such as furnished apartments, apartment hotels, and boarding houses. Hotels offering long-term rentals are typically more fully equipped and provide extended services. They are often found in central and well-located neighborhoods. Another significant advantage of living in a hotel is flexibility. This pertains to your arrival, the duration of your stay, and your departure. If plans change, you can often adjust without much trouble. The option to invite a new roommate (usually for an additional fee) is also a choice frequently available in hotels, provided there is enough space. ​

Reason 4: Career and Personal Life - Minus the Stress

The reasons for living in a hotel for a limited period can be very diverse. Among the most common are professional commitments, whether for an internship, project work, or because finding an apartment in a new city is challenging. Perhaps you prefer the comfort and convenience of a hotel. But it's not just a career; personal life can also be a factor. Maybe you need to take care of family members, are facing relationship stress, or simply crave a retreat. Hotel living can be an ideal solution for many life situations. So who can benefit from hotel living? • Singles who want to enjoy life to the fullest or are looking for a prestigious address. • Students and young professionals who prefer not to live in a shared apartment. • Digital nomads, consultants, engineers, and technicians who work professionally in a city for 3 to 6 months. • Commuters who prefer a comfortable retreat near their workplace during the week. ​

Reason 5: Housing Solution for Employees

For companies in certain industries like consulting or construction, using hotel accommodations for employees offers a straightforward way to find reliable housing. This is particularly useful when employees work temporarily at various locations or undertake projects. ​ The financial aspects of long-term hotel living can vary from place to place. To find the best deal, it's worth comparing the long-term offers of different hotels. A platform like myroom24 can be helpful in this regard, as it consolidates the long-term offers of many partners, allowing you to conveniently search for suitable options. ​ If you search for long-term offers in some of Germany's most popular cities, you'll find that prices vary depending on the location and facilities. Here are some examples as of July 2023: ​ • Berlin: Right in the startup scene, a prime location at Alexanderplatz - starting at €1,400 per month. • Munich: Green and central, a wonderful location near the English Garden in Schwabing - starting at €1,200 per month. • Frankfurt am Main: Ebbelwoi and culinary delights, offerings in the classic nightlife district of Sachsenhausen - starting at €1,100 per month. ​ These prices are often competitive, considering that comparable rents for apartments in similar, well-located neighborhoods are often higher. Additionally, there are the extra services and amenities that a hotel provides, which a rental apartment cannot. However, it should be noted that prices for long-term stays in hotels can vary significantly depending on the location and hotel category. Most offerings typically start at around €1,300 per month and can go up to €6,000 or more per month for high-end luxury hotels. ​ FAQ – Long-Term Hotel LivingQuestion: What is a hotel long-term rental or a permanent stay? Answer: A long-term stay in a hotel is essentially comparable to a traditional hotel stay. The main difference is the duration. Typical "long-term guests" of a hotel stay for one or more months, less frequently for a year or longer. Hotels typically offer special room contingents for long-term stays. This is often because longer stays have different requirements. Guests need a kitchen or at least a kitchenette, as well as usually a workspace with a desk. ​ Question: How expensive is it to live in a hotel permanently? Answer: Prices for a long-term stay in a hotel differ from standard nightly rates. Therefore, it's worth using a platform like myroom24 when searching for long-term accommodations. Here, the long-term offers of various partners are consolidated, and you can easily search for options. If you search for long-term offers in some of Germany's most popular cities, you'll find that prices vary. Examples from July 2023 have already been mentioned above. However, note that most offerings start at around €1,200 per month, and many long-term offers can be as high as €3,000 per month or even more. ​ Question: Is a hotel a permanent residence? Answer: People for whom a long-term hotel stay is not a second residence often wonder if a hotel room can be "a residence." In principle, yes, but there are some things to consider. In Germany, there is a registration requirement. When you move, you must register with the registration authority and usually provide a rental contract. A hotel room is typically not booked through a conventional rental contract. However, hotels that offer long-term stays can issue a corresponding certificate for the registration authority. If you are unsure whether you need to register for your long-term hotel stay, it's best to inquire with the hotel of your choice before booking about how they handle this matter. ​ Question: Can I bring a pet to the hotel if I'm staying there for an extended period? Answer: It depends on the rules of the respective hotel. It is advisable to clarify this in advance. Some hotels allow pets, while others may not permit them. It is important to check the hotel's pet policies, especially if you plan to travel or live with a pet. ​ Long-term hotel living can be an exciting way to stay flexible and enjoy the comfort of a hotel in the long run. The various reasons and options make this way of living attractive to many people. Whether you're working in a different city for a limited time, looking for a temporary solution during your apartment search, or simply prefer a luxurious lifestyle, long-term hotel living offers an interesting alternative to traditional apartment rentals. If you are interested in this lifestyle, check with various hotels for their offers and conditions to find the best option for your needs.