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Foundation of myroom24

myroom24 was founded in Berlin in 2020 by an international team with many years of experience in the hotel industry. We help professionals and students in Europe quickly and conveniently to find suitable accommodation online.

Our motto, "Feel home, anywhere" stems from our understanding of a great customer experience. The comfort and safety of our customers come above all else.

We currently offer thousands of selected, quality-checked accommodations and 24/7 customer support to provide our users with the best booking experience in Europe and soon worldwide.

We are expanding our services and developing new features under constant feedback from our users; therefore, we can always ensure an outstanding booking experience that matches our customers' lifestyles and needs.

What measures does myroom24 take for a sustainable future?

myroom24 is working towards reducing the overall external impact on the environment, staying a carbon-neutral company, and battling against the climate crisis. We are working towards creating a positive effect for the future of our employees, the company, customers, and partners.

Carbon-free Transportation: We promote carbon-free travel for our employees and work to collectively reduce our carbon footprint by providing free public transportation tickets and encouraging biking to our offices.

We are entirely carbon neutral in our Berlin offices. We calculate baseline and Scope 3 emissions to offset 100% of our carbon footprint in our Berlin office.

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