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The top 10 destinations for you and your friends
Sat Apr 01 2023
Travelling and discovering the whole world? Work wherever you please? Move on when you feel like it? Thanks to a wide variety of work models, this is easily possible in today's world.
Equipped with a laptop, you can experience boundless freedom as a freelancer or digital nomad and enjoy a self-determined life. Whether this leads you to a hammock on the beach or to a lonely hut in the mountains is entirely up to you and your personal preferences. You decide where and how long you want to stay and whether you travel with a fixed plan or prefer to let yourself drift with life. More freedom is impossible.
How to perfectly reconcile travelling and working
In times of digitalisation and globalisation, a laptop, a power source and fast, stable internet are enough to set up a travel office anywhere in the world. As a freelancer, you can work in the online sector as a writer or earn your money as a language teacher and translator. You can write a professional travel blog or try to make a name for yourself as an influencer with creative ideas.
As a freelance photographer you can photograph the most beautiful places on earth, gyms and spas all over the world are looking for trainers and teachers for yoga, Pilates & Co. If you prefer to work in a fixed location, you can work as a surf and ski instructor, as a harvest worker, travel guide or au pair. Hotels, restaurants and cafés are also always looking for flexible staff.
How to be your own boss and explore the world at the same time
As your own boss, you have to ensure productivity, optimise your work processes and be available for your clients. With tropical temperatures, bad internet and sleepless nights in unfamiliar surroundings, this may not always be easy. Maybe you miss friends and family, or your accommodation is not conducive to creative thinking. In this case, you should pay more attention to a good work-life balance and choose a city that allows an active exchange with like-minded people.
In order to feel comfortable travelling and working abroad, certain criteria are important. Depending on how you want to earn your money, you need a stable and fast internet connection, like-minded people, a good infrastructure and an open culture in which you can move freely. You should understand the language of the local people, feel safe and be able to make a living and pay your rent without worry. Add to that a high quality of life, a varied range of leisure activities and a pleasant climate, and there's nothing standing in the way of your life as a freelancer or digital nomad. However, you should have a little self-discipline, courage and a sense of adventure. Here are our top 10 best hotspots within Europe.

Tip: The
"Nomad List "
is a website where digital nomads from all over the world give many useful tips on their favourite places.

The top 10 travel destinations in Europe from A to Z
Barcelona is considered the perfect beginner's destination. It is not far from Germany and city lovers can feel very much at home thanks to the sun, beach and sea. Digital nomads will find numerous co-working spaces, good internet and nice cafés in addition to a large community. In addition, many sights and a varied cultural offer await.
Especially in the summer months, the German capital is a stomping ground for digital nomads. Many start-ups are founded here, co-working spaces enable creative collaboration and in some districts like Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg or Neukölln, living is even comparatively cheap. Berlin also offers great leisure activities, an exciting nightlife and a lot of international flair. Berlin has a well-developed public transport network that quickly takes you to the lakes in the countryside.
Hungary's capital is one of the absolute hotspots and offers everything a digital nomad's heart desires. This is where the creative youth meets to exchange ideas. Notable start-ups have been founded in recent years, and a growing number of co-working spaces continue to support this development. Compared to other European capitals, the cost of living in Budapest is still comparatively cheap. In addition, there is fast and stable WLAN, interesting sights and a lively cultural scene.
Canary Islands
The Canary Islands, especially Tenerife and Gran Canaria, are becoming increasingly popular as hotspots for digital nomads - and not without reason. Both islands convince with a high quality of life, moderate cost of living, good accessibility and pleasant temperatures, even during the winter months. The internet is fast and stable, co-working spaces are available in large numbers. The Canary Islands offer a large community and are said to offer particularly good conditions for women.
Portugal's capital is very popular with digital nomads. Life here is comparatively cheap, the infrastructure is considered modern and unlimited surfing is possible with an internet flat rate. In addition, there is a stable political situation and a climate that promises pleasant to hot temperatures all year round. The Portuguese are a tolerant and hospitable people, the leisure offer offers art, culture and wonderful sandy beaches with imposing cliffs. Another advantage: Lisbon is only a few hours' flight away from Germany, so ideal conditions for all those who want to gain their first experience abroad.
The city in northern Portugal is very popular among freelancers and digital nomads. The cost of living is moderate and the city is somewhat quieter and less crowded than the capital Lisbon. Porto offers reliable internet, co-working spaces and plenty of sightseeing, art, culture and leisure opportunities.
The capital of the Czech Republic counts as a preferred location for many digital nomads. Prague is cheap to live in, safe and offers a wide range of cultural activities. In addition, the city has fast internet and a large number of coworking spaces. In winter, however, it is colder than in some other European countries.
The capital of Bulgaria offers many advantages to digital nomads. The people here are friendly, the cost of living is cheap and the climate is pleasant. On top of that, there is fast internet, a growing number of co-working spaces and thus a growing community. After work, you can discover the architectural beauty of the city, go shopping or get into the party life.
Living in Sweden's capital is not exactly cheap and the winters are cold. So if you have to watch your money and prefer warmer temperatures in winter, Stockholm is not the best choice. On the other hand, Stockholm offers a varied cultural programme, great sights and all the advantages of a lively metropolis. In summer, Stockholm's location directly on the Baltic Sea is unbeatable and suitable for anyone who wants to get to know northern Europe. It also has fast Wi-Fi, co-working spaces and a well-developed public transport system.
The capital of Estonia offers a decisive advantage: here, everyone has the right to free access to the internet, which is why it never takes long to find a network. Numerous start-ups are based in Tallinn, and the cost of living is comparatively cheap. After work, you can discover the medieval old town or spend your evening on the three-kilometre-long sandy beach.
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