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5 good reasons for choosing a hotel as your new home
Fri Sep 22 2023
Living where others go on holiday - understood in a completely different way. After all, a hotel stay on holiday has the flair of adventure and freedom. But living in a hotel for six months or longer? Is it even possible to stay in a hotel permanently? And isn't it too expensive? Today we're going to look at the topic of hotel rooms for long-term tenants and give you 5 very good reasons why long-term hotel living could also be worthwhile for you.
Reason 1: Temporary living is in vogue
Room service and concierge on speed dial - who wouldn't want to live in such comfort? What used to be reserved for stars (and starlets) and, in Germany, for Udo Lindenberg alone, is becoming more and more of a trend.
After all, a hotel is the easiest choice when you need a place to stay. For example, because more and more people have to be flexible in their jobs, but the housing market can be a tough place. Not all people like furnished flats, so more and more permanent tenants find themselves in hotels. Job nomads are also increasingly on the move; others work from home anyway and can easily combine work and travel with hotel stays. Finally, a hotel room can also be an excellent alternative for a shared flat. Either way: hotel as a residential address can definitely be called a trend in the meantime.
Reason 2: Comfort - but what is it like to live in a hotel?
Depending on the hotel and its facilities, the comfort and the scope of services offered also vary. In luxury hostels, for example, comprehensive concierge services are the order of the day. In a 3-star establishment, things will be simpler.
But basically, a hotel offers such typical amenities as room cleaning, air conditioning, breakfast buffet and so on. In terms of social life, a hotel usually has more to offer than a flat: for example, as a guest you often only have to change floors to visit a bar or restaurant.
Reason 3: Flexibility
The idea of renting a hotel permanently combines the advantages of older well-known concepts: furnished flat, flat hotel and boarding house.
Unlike these housing options, however, classic hotels offering permanent housing are usually more comprehensively equipped and simply offer more service. Hotels are usually central and well located. But the flexibility is also usually greater in a hotel, as far as arrival, duration and departure of the stay are concerned. And a new flatmate can move in unbureaucratically (usually for an extra charge), provided there is enough space.
Reason 4: Career and private life - minus stress
The reasons for living temporarily in a hotel can be very diverse. Study and career are among the most common. Whether for an internship, for project work, because it takes time to find a flat in a new city, or because a shared apartment is out of the question - many people are convinced by the cosiness and comfort of a hotel.
But private life is not left out here either: Caring for relatives, relationship stress, the desire to retreat.
**So who is hotel life suitable for?
  • Singles who want to enjoy life or are looking for a prestigious address
  • Students and young professionals who do not want to live in a shared flat
  • Digital nomads, consultants, engineers, fitters - people who stay in one city for 3-6 months on business
  • Quick and comfortable solution after a separation
  • Commuters who prefer a retreat with better connections to work during the week
Reason 5: Housing solution for employees
For companies in certain industries, such as management consulting or construction, the option of using a hotel as a housing solution offers a very straightforward way to find reliable accommodation for their employees.
Have you ever spent more than a month in a hotel? On holiday or on business?
FAQ - Long-term residence in a hotel
Question: What is actually hotel long term rental or permanent residence? **Answer: **A long-term stay in a hotel that offers this type of service is in principle comparable to a conventional hotel stay. The main difference here is the duration.
Typical "permanent guests" of a hotel stay for one or several months. Somewhat rarer are stays that last a year and longer. Hotels are a more convenient and often easier solution than looking for a flat - whether for a work-related stay or for the time it takes to find a place to live.
Also good to know: Typically, hotels do not make their entire room supply available to permanent guests. Room allotments are typical. One of the reasons for this is that a long-term stay requires a kitchen or at least a kitchenette and usually also a workplace with a desk.
**Question: How expensive is it to stay in a hotel permanently? Answer: For a permanent stay in a hotel, different prices apply than the price per night. It is therefore worthwhile to rely on an expert like myroom24 when searching. Here, the long-term offers of many partners are brought together and can be conveniently discovered via the search function.
If you look around myroom24 in some of the most popular major cities in Germany, you will find offers such as (as of July 2021):
Berlin Right in the middle of the start-up scene - central prime location on Alexanderplatz: 756 € per month
**Munich Green and central - wonderful location near the English Garden in Schwabing: 800 € per month
Frankfurt on the Main Ebbelwoi and culinary delights - offer in the classic nightlife district of Sachsenhausen: 702 € per month
Even cold rents for comparably prestigious and similarly situated flats often cannot keep up with this. In addition, there are the services and amenities of a hotel, which a rented flat naturally does not have.
In addition, it must be mentioned that most offers tend to start at 1,200 € per month and many long-term offers can also be 3,000 € per month.
**Question: Is a hotel a permanent residence? Answer: People for whom the long-term stay in a hotel is not a second home often ask this question and get a number of very contradictory answers on the internet: Can a hotel room be "a home"?
In principle, yes. But there are some points to consider. In Germany, there is the so-called obligation to register. When moving to a new address, you have to register with the registration office and show a tenancy agreement accordingly. However, a hotel room is not usually booked with a rental contract. However, hotels that offer their guests a long-term stay can issue them with a corresponding certificate for the registration office.
If a registration is necessary in your case, it is best to ask the hotel of your choice how they handle this issue before booking.
**Question: Can I bring a pet to the hotel if I am staying there for a longer period of time? **Answer: Each hotel has its own rules. It is worth asking!
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5 good reasons for choosing a hotel as your new home
Living where others go on holiday - understood in a completely different way. After all, a hotel stay on holiday has the flair of adventure...
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