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For media inquiries, you can contact myroom24's press team here. We're happy to help with exclusive traveling reports, subject matter expert perspectives on related topics, high-resolution visual assets, and more.

Press Team Contact Information:

Martin Troppa

[email protected]

For customer inquiries relating to bookings, accommodation options, or availability, you can look at our Help Center or contact myroom24 via the contact form (Link)

About us

myroom24 was founded in 2020 Berlin by an international team with extensive years of expertise in the hospitality industry. We are helping professionals and students in Europe find appropriate accommodations quickly and conveniently online.

Our motto, "Feel home, anywhere" stems from our understanding of a great customer experience. Our customers' comfort and peace of mind are above everything else.

We currently offer thousands of curated, quality-tested accommodations and around-the-week international customer support to provide our customers with the best booking experience in Europe, soon to be worldwide.

You can find more information about different destinations in Expats Guide EU and Traveler's Handbook.

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